Multiple Intelligences Quiz

Answer these questions by clicking on the box that you most agree with. There are 40 questions. You will need to answer every question before you click the “Submit” button.

I am not like this at all.

I am very rarely like this.

I am a little bit like this.

I am sometimes like this.

I am often like this.

I am always like this.

1. I keep or like pets.
2. I am good at (or would like to learn) foreign languages.
3. I get restless easily.
4. I have a clear concept of my values and beliefs.
5. I use lots of different words to express myself.
6. I like ratios, percentages, fractions, and statistics.
7. I enjoy social events like parties.
8. I like to think through problems while I walk or run.
9. I am an independent thinker. I know my own mind.
10. I enjoy making music.
11. I have a good sense of direction.
12. I enjoy working on my own.
13. I know myself well.
14. I enjoy learning about the Earth (including plants, animals, weather, etc.).
15. I can recognize and name different types of birds and plants.
16. I can pick out different instruments when I listen to a piece of music.
17. I can picture scenes in my head when I remember things.
18. I can take things apart and put them back together easily.
19. I learn well from listening to others.
20. I can link things together and pick out patterns easily.
21. I am curious about how/why things work the way they do.
22. I am observant. I often see things others miss.
23. I can remember pieces of music easily.
24. I like to work with my hands.
25. I always do things one step at a time.
26. I like to use charts and diagrams in my learning.
27. I have a good sense of balance and like to move around a lot.
28. I can sort out arguments between friends.
29. I like to work with a team.
30. I find it easy to explain things to others.
31. I like working and thinking on my own and quietly.
32. I enjoy being outdoors when I learn.
33. I enjoy games involving other people.
34. Pollution makes me angry.
35. I remember things like telephone numbers by repeating them to a rhythm.
36. I am good at mathematical problems and using numbers.
37. My mood changes when I listen to music.
38. I like to think out loud.
39. I am sensitive to the moods and feelings of others.
40. I enjoy logic problems and puzzles.